News from Turku

10-17 mai

Promenades in Turku or Helsinki : Photos from the students

Thursday Text written by Hortense

Today, we all went to the Finnish high schools. Class starts at 8.15am, then the Finns have a short break to eat and then they usually finish at 2.30 pm. However we think that every French student has noticed differences between French and Finnish school systems. For example, they can use their phones in class (but nobody uses it), they have to use their computers, and they can get up when they want. They are more trusted than in France. Some of us helped some of the Finns with their French exams !

In Finland the school restaurant is free for all (what an important thing !). We had saussages and mashed potatoes as well as carrots and salad, everything mixed up in the same plate. At 12 we all went to the town center to have free time and then we came back to Pualalan high school before going to the university.

At the university, we listened to two mathematians who told us about their career and the kind of math problems they have to solve. This stay was really interesting, beautiful and an enriching trip.

Wednesday Text written by Eugenie and Bleuenn On Wednesday, we went to Turku nature park named Kuhankuono (the crane park). We started to walk at 10:30 am around the lake on planks so as not to step on the plants of the swamps around us. We were accompanied with a guide who told us about the history of the park, but also about the fauna and the flora. She focused on the fact that Turku was keen on giving that place a true importance.

At 01:00 pm we ate our packed lunch, sitting on the ground, in front of the lake. At the end of the Lunch we went into a wooden sauna in the middle of the forest. After 10 min, we went out of the sauna and jumped into the cold lake.

Then we walked again for 2 hours. Some of us bathed a second time. We finally came back to Turku at 6:00 pm. We walked a lot but it was worth it.

Tuesday Text written by Geoffroy Today, we went to Turun Circus, we had a lot of fun, we did trampeze, trampoline, juggling and a lot of other activities.

After that, we had a rally in the town. We were given a questionnaire on different places in Turku. We saw a big statue of a daisy, a museum and we took the ferry across the river. We also visited the Cathedral and we ate a snack near the Aura river.

We had free time after lunch to do some shopping and we had a coffee with the Finnish students at 3 pm at their school. Lucas, Mina, Enora, Stevan and Romane were offered chocolate as they had answered most of the rally questions and had taken the most beautiful pictures.

In the evening we attended the gala of Puolalan school. There were choirs and musicians. Some of our penfriends sang during that event.. It was nice but maybe too long.

Monday Text written by Juliette, Gaïd, Suzanne, Hiba et Madeleine

After having met Puolala highschool headteacher and deputy head, we left Turku to Helsinki. We arrived at the famous Sibelius Monument (there were a lot of Chinese tourists).

Then we went to the Rock Church. It’s in the top 3 of the most famous Helsinki’s places. Then, we ate in the restaurant of the music university (fun fact : lingon berries are not a dessert), we were afraid because the food looked weird but it was good actually.

After that, we had 2 hours of free time in the town. Some of us went to the library Oodi or the Kamppi mall and some of us walked in the town.

Lots of nice geometrical lines for Maths

Afterwards, we had an appointment at the market place.

Finally we went the cathedral Helsingin Tuomiokirkko, passing by the Upenski orthodox cathedral.

Thank you very much to our guides : three of Sari’s students

Friday : our arrival !


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