Holland : tuesday

Tuesday 9th April
Weather today sunny AGAIN this morning ! Everybody was so relieved because today was cycling day !
group photo
Activities At school we attended a conference about Holland and one of its artists : MC Escher. We will go and visit the Escher Museum tomorrow.
Esther giving Bertrand important information

At 10.30 we left the school to cycle in the sand dunes on a plank or concrete path. The dunes act as natural dikes : they protect the country from the sea (20% of the country is below sea level, 50% less then one meter above sea level). They are protected area where you can spot many species of birds and even wild horses.

The beach
Léa on the beach
The dunes
Pauline and Enora on the beach

We stopped at an endless beach and then reached our goal : a pancake restaurant, Mijendel.

pancake restaurant

From there the students had to cycle back to the city for a free afternoon.

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