Exchange with the Netherlands

Friday April 4th

This morning everybody worked on their oral presentation for parents’ night tonight


Thursday April 3rd : Wonderful sunny day in Amsterdam.

No bikes to day, but we walked …miles !!!

From the Van Gogh Museum to the flower market, the flea market, the Dam, Anne Frank’s house, back to the Dam then to the railway station to get on the bus back to The Hague…. Miles and miles !

Everybody was exhausted… but had a great time.

And nobody got lost….

Elsa, Louise, Lucille, Marianne next to the Van Gogh Museum
Hannah, Camille and Nathan at the Flea Market
Léandre, Eliott, Romane, Cécile, Juliette, Jade, Romane, Julie

Wednesday April 2d

Another birthday today !!! Jules is 16

birthday boy

This morning we had a lesson about Anne Frank because tomorrow we are going to Amsterdam and we will visit the house where she was hidden with her family before being arrested and sent to a concentration camp.

Today was museum day. In the morning we visited the Gemeente Musem. We had a guided tour. We saw paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Mondrian and many others.


Then after lunch we visited the Escher Museum which everybody enjoyed a lot.


Tonight we have a party at Dirk’s home -it is also Rosa and Camille’s home for the moment. Everybody has to cook or bring some food. Ther might be photos tomorrow.

And guess what ? it’s still warm and sunny !

The party at Dirk was great. We celebrated Jules’s and Diane’s birthdays in the garden….

Diane, Eliott and Léandre
lots of people in the garden
Jules and his birthday pancake

Tuesday 1st April : April Fool’s Day

Today is Diane’s birthday.


We had a class about Holland, the dunes and the polders and also about Escher the graphic artist.

Then after the break we left the school to go and cycle across the dunes along the coast. The weather was fine and we stopped several times, once to enjoy the view from the top of a dune -that’s where we took a group photo- and another time on the beach.

Then we stopped at a farm which is now a restaurant where we can eat pancakes. We had lunch outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

We are free for the rest of the day : lots of us are going shopping !!!!

the group
Lily and Dephine
Eliott and Juliette
Jules, Nathan, Camille, Rosa, Lily, Havana, Céline, Hannah,Delphine.
Lucile, Marianne, Romane et Louise eating pancakes

Monday 31st March : First day in Holland :

hot, too hot ! Mrs Guillemot said we should bring gloves, scarves and k-ways !!! We just need sunglasses and shorts !

Camille and Dirk
Lucile and Jolan

This morning we had a Dutch lesson. We tried hard to pronounce the « j » and the « g » but it didn’t sound very nice.

Then we had a presentation of the Dutch school system which is so different from ours. The Dutch wouldn’t like to live in France and finish at 6pm and then have loads of homework. Clearly they pitied us. That’s when some of us decided to stay in Holland for ever : you will see who when the rest of the group comes back…

Diane, Jade, Jade, Mrs Servy, Romane, Eliott

If I stay in Holland I want a bike which isn’t twice my size and which has actual brakes and not backpedal brakes !!!

Elsa lost in a sea of bicycles

The visit of the extraordinary Panorama Mesdag, a gigantic circular painting which is a 360° view of Schreveningen in the 19th century

Julie and Cécile

In the afternoon we played football and field hockey. It was really fun but hot….


So now everyone is going to the beach to relax…