Holland : wednesday

Wednesday 10th April
Weather today Cloudy and cold (but still no rain !). Not too bad for cycling in The Hague.
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The Ducth Prime Minister s office in The Hague
Activities Today we have visited two interesting museums in The Hague. The Art Museum and the MC Escher Museum.

We have seen world-famous paintings like the anatomy lesson by Rembrandt, View of Delft by Vermeer (unfortunately The Girl With the Pearl Earring is currently travelling in Japan and the US).

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The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp

There were lots of paintings by Piet Mondrian too. He was a pioneer in abstraction employing an irregular checkerboard drawn with black lines, and with the spaces paints mostly white or sometimes in the primary colors of blue, red and yellow.

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vermeer view of delft

As for MC Escher everybody knows this unconventional graphic artists or at least some of his works . But if you want to know more about his work visit this website : http://www.mcescher.com/

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JPEG - 100.5 ko
Escher Belvedere 1958
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Escher tesselation
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Lucile and Bertrand and Jeanne at the Escher Museum
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Daphné Agathe and Enora at the Escher Museum
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cycling in Den Haag

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