Holland : thursday

Thursday 11th April
Weather today Unfortunately today it was raining ! Too bad for the visit in Amsterdam !
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Windy too Mr Jourdan s umbrella broke one hour after he had bought it
Come back Last night we had dinner together at two Dutch families’ houses. Everybody had cooked a dish and the teachers were invited too.
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Solen Thomas Dounia and Zineb
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Colas sharing the food
Activities In the morning we visited the Van Gogh Museum and in the afternoon Anne Frank’s house. We had lunch and dinner in Amsterdam too.
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Van Gogh s self portrait
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Anne Frank s house

In spite of the misty weather verybody enjoyed this day along the canals of Amsterdam.

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Flore Sophie Claire Solen Dounia Marianne Katell at the restaurant

Mr Gallais explained in class that Amsterdam is a sustainable city (or eco-city) and he showed us the electric cars that drivers are encouraged to hire.

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electric cars
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Augustin cycling back home a 45 minute trip
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a quirky window decoration in Amsterdam

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